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Scroll down for details! You'll travel to the edge of the solar system, meet the moon, learn to navigate with the stars, camp on Mars, and explore the red planet!

  • Meet the Sun!

    What actually makes the sun work, how hot is it, and how is it the perfect star for Earth? You'll meet the sun and learn all this and much much more - plus pilot a spaceship!

  • Visit the Planets

    You'll visit every planet in our solar system, learn what makes each one unique, and even learn how to easily memorize their order from the sun.

  • Exploring the Moon

    You'll meet the moon and discover how it was formed, how it affects life on earth, and why it's so important to humans.

  • A Trip to the Stars

    Stars do more than just twinkle. They are concentrated energy, and they help us decipher the mysteries of the universe. On this adventure you'll learn how stars work, how to identify constellations, and how to navigate using the stars!

  • Surviving on Mars

    Be among the first humans to go camping on Mars! From your basecamp you'll learn key facts about the planet, including what it would take for humans to live there - which might include eating insects!?!

  • Mars Rover Mission

    In your final and most daring adventure, you'll leave basecamp in our custom Mars Rover. You'll explore the surface of our nearest neighbor, learning about what makes Mars red and finding signs of life!

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